Learn how to spend just 10 minutes a day to gain a better marriage. 

Learn how to effectively communicate with your spouse. 

Learn how to successfully negotiate and resolve your relationship issues. 

And much more...

I combine the wisdom of the Torah with the proven techniques of Psychotherapy. My informative and insightful workshops are presented in an uncomplicated down to earth and entertaining manner. You will be provided with methods and suggestions that you can use. The difference from before to after will be like night and day.

These Workshops are well-prepared. You will be given handouts that explain and enhance the material - and you will be able to take them home so you can review the theoretical foundations and the many techniques you will be taught.

There will be questionnaires to evaluate your level of competence; many valuable and fun exercises that are easy to perform alone and with your partner; and even some fun creative games that will enhance your relationship. Take a workshop or a series of workshops and be amazed. 

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