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Marriage Counseling

I get sad when I hear how couples go to counseling for long periods of time and find little improvement to their problems, nor is there much difference after investing so much time! I get sad because resolution can usually be achieved within days and weeks – not months and years! What’s different with me and my approach is that I will teach you almost immediately how to successfully implement couple skills that I and others have developed that will work very effectively in changing your marriage around to what you desire it to be. More...

Couples Counseling

There are principles and foundations that need to be understood and absorbed - such as the purpose of marriage and why our Creator has made things the way He has. Knowing this information on a deeper level will give you power and joy because this knowledge, with my guidance, will enable you to know what to implement and how to actually go about it. You will get excited and inspired at knowing which direction to take; what to do (and NOT to do!); and you will see the benefit and satisfaction that these couple skills bring you as soon as you employ them. More...

Marriage Workshops

Here’s something that I’m very passionate about! I’ve thought and thought - and then thought some more! I’ve pondered, read, and researched this topic which is very close to my heart: What goes wrong in marriages and how can marriages be saved? Is marital bliss an illusion that will forever elude us, or is it something we can obtain with the right focus and knowledge? In these workshops, you will find amazing depth coupled with practical ways of how to implement these insights you’ve gained in a unique and personal way that is helpful to you! Available, are one-on-one workshops, couple workshops, and workshops for larger audiences that will entertain and delight as well as empower and inform! More


In addition to my pre-marital workshops - I give valuable Dating Workshops! Love need not be blind! Make sure your decision to marry is based on all of you and not just one or two parts of you! 
Find out what you need to know about the opposite sex before you hook-up! Find out what to look for! Find out the 10 things you need to know if she or he is the right one! When I'm dating... what questions do I need to ask my date? Find out what could be preventing you from finding your life-partner! More...

Pre-Marital Workshops

“If only…..” “If only we knew what to say and how to say it, what to do and how to do it, what to be aware of, what to avoid, and how exactly do I make sure I succeed at the most important foundation of my life!” Give yourselves a gift you will cherish (or give your engaged son or daughter a gift they will cherish) for a lifetime – a workshop that will teach you how to obtain a life of happiness, fulfillment and deep connection that come from knowing the skills of how to effectively communicate, how to be vulnerable and achieve a deep and nurturing intimacy and closeness even when you argue, because the end result will be a win-win situation for both of you every time, as you learn to navigate the inevitable curveballs that different natures and life will challenge you with. Don’t wait till after you’re married and think that “My love is so strong – it will conquer all – I don’t need knowledge of any skills!” This would be a mistake too many young adults before you have made! Don’t become another statistic! I wish that someone had taken the time to teach me what I now know! Now you have me to help you – and no excuse to say: “If only…...!” More...

Educating Couples

Educating yourselves as a couple is perhaps the most important step you will take in making your relationship not just be an acceptable and manageable one; but will bring you to an understanding of each other that will lead to the closeness you always imagined marriage was supposed to be! You deserve to experience what it feels like to be understood, appreciated and loved for who you really are! Have your dreams of a happy meaningful marriage realized! You’ve already waited far too long! Don’t delay any more and learn how to realize your relationship’s potential by contacting me this week! More...

Educating Husbands and Men

It has been said that: “A happy wife is a happy life!” Yes, how wise and true – but oh no - what do I do (and not do) to make this come true?! Are you perhaps fed up? Are you convinced that you married a spouse with a lot of problems! She’s not logical.… not compassionate enough….. maybe she just acts crazy sometimes.… and the negative list may go on and on….and you’re not really sure what to do. Perhaps you feel hopeless and ready to give up…. or worse! I specialize – and enjoy my success – at empowering husbands to change their marriage around completely! I will work with you – and you alone – in an intensive course that works – no matter what the problem is! I like working with husbands that are motivated to change their marriages if they only knew how? More...

Intimacy Issues

What happens ‘in the bedroom’ is usually just a symptom of what is happening ‘outside the bedroom.’ If you know how to make a deep connection on an emotional/spiritual level, the amazing physical stuff that naturally follows will be an expression of your deep feelings you have taken the time to develop by the small things you continuously do for each other that show how much you care about and cherish each other. Foreplay doesn’t begin in the bedroom; it begins when you leave for work – what endearing words do you share when you leave your spouse - and continues throughout the day! Learn how to deepen your intimacy by increasing the size of your love-maps with the person who is the most significant and NUMBER ONE gift you have in your life. Learn which of the five love-languages is most endearing to you and to your spouse. You will see how fast blockages towards intimacy will be removed and how amazing it will be to share your true selves with each other! I also have the training to teach you the techniques and methods for dealing with other issues of physical intimacy as well. Contact me!


It is so important to know who you are on a more-deeper level – and this is what spirituality is all about. The real connection you ought to have with your partner is one that includes all of you! More than the physical; more than the emotional; more than the intellectual – without negating any of these parts of you – there’s what’s most-meaningful and most-essential – the real you! Without exploring yourself by peeling away the layers and finding out more about your true-self, your connection to your spouse will be limited and superficial. I invite you to learn how to explore and get to know yourself on a deeper level so your intimacy will grow and your connections with each other on all levels become incredibly satisfying in a most vitalizing, harmonious and meaningful way by contacting me now! 


Seminars are cool! It can be a whole week-end devoted towards couple’s issues and how to make your marriage sizzle! From basics to advanced. Book me for a simple or an elaborate program that will have your audiences riveted, spellbound and fully entertained! 

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