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Marriage Workshop # 1

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 Eventbrite - The Four Stages of Intimacy in a Relationship


The Keys to a Successful Marriage Parts 1 - 7

Individual: $300

Couple: $500

The Keys to a Successful Marriage Part 1

  • What Are The Keys to a Successful Marriage?
  • How to Create Peace in Your Home
  • How to Understand Your Spouse
  • The Four Models of Intimacy
  • Ten Forms of Unhealthy Communication You Need To Avoid

The Keys to a Successful Marriage Part 2

  • Couple Skills: Basic
  • Effective & Clean Communication
  • Expressing Feelings and Stating Needs
  • Listening 

The Keys to a Successful Marriage Part 3

  • Couple Skills: Basic
  • Enhancing Your Love Maps
  • Turning Towards Each Other

The Keys to a Successful Marriage Part 4

  • Couple Skills: Basic
  • Reciprocal Reinforcement
  • The Five Love Languages

The Keys to a Successful Marriage Part 5

  • Couple Skills: Basic
  • Nurturing Fondness & Admiration
  • Letting Your Partner Influence You

The Keys to a Successful Marriage Part 6

  • Couple Skills: Basic
  • Solving Your Situational Problems
  • Coping with Typical Solvable Problems

The Keys to a Successful Marriage Part 7

  • Couple Skills: Basic
  • Overcoming Gridlock
  • Creating Shared Meaning 


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How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Parts 1 - 7

Individual: $300

Couple: $500

How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Part 1

  • Couple Skills Advanced
  • Problem Solving
  • Negotiation

How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Part 2

  • Couple Skills Advanced
  • Coping with Anger
  • Coping with an Angry Partner

How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Part 3

  • Couple Skills Advanced
  • Assessing & Changing Unfavorable Tactics
  • Time Out

How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Part 4

  • Couple Skills Advanced
  • Identifying and Changing Cognitive Distortions
  • Assessing and Changing Aversive Strategies

How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Part 5

  • Couple Skills Advanced
  • Expectations, Rules, and Acceptance
  • Coping with Your Defenses

How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Part 6

  • Couple Skills Advanced
  • Identifying Patterns about Your Partner
  • Old Tapes: Separating Your Partner from Your Parents

How to Make Your Marriage Even Better Part 7

  • Couple Skills Advanced
  • Identifying Your Couple’s System
  • Intervening in Your System

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Contact me at 818-268-1721 to book a workshop.

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Transform Your Marriage Part One

It is essential to identify the differences between happy marriages and marriages that have a known likelihood to end up in divorce. Happily married couples behave like good friends, handle their conflicts in gentle, positive ways and avoid The Four Horsemen. Learn to look for the longing in each other’s complaints when for example, one partner works too much. See the differences between healthy complaining vs. harmful complaining. In this workshop you will do the following Quizzes: Is There Too Much Criticism in Your Relationship? Do You Avoid Conflicts, or Do You Talk About Them? Then you can do the appropriate exercises for each one.

Transform Your Marriage Part Two

It’s important to recognize and honor the dreams and feelings within your conflict.  Couples may try to brush aside such issues in order to deal with the crisis of the day, but that doesn’t make the conflict go away. And until dreams and feelings are recognized and honored, the conflict is going to keep resurfacing in ways that are often frustrating and sometimes painful. In this workshop you will take the Quiz: What Are the Dreams Within Your Conflicts? Then do the exercises that will be an immense help to avoiding gridlock.

Transform Your Marriage Part Three

Like all emotions, there’s a logic and purpose to anger. We typically get angry when we see injustice, believe we’ve been treated unfairly, or encounter an obstacle to achieving our goals. If we can learn to use anger constructively, it can inspire us to make positive changes on our own behalf – to try harder, to fight for what’s fair, and to communicate more passionately. In this workshop you will learn how the emotion of anger can be used to enhance your marriage. You will take the following: Quiz: How Do You Feel About Anger? Exercise: When You and Your Partner Have Different Ideas about Anger. Quiz: What Are Your Perpetual Issues and What Are Your Gridlocked Problems? Exercises: Creating a Culture of Shared Values and Meaning and the Thanksgiving Checklist.


Key 1 – Understanding Childhood Influences

Can your childhood actually influence your marriage? The answer to this question is only useful to the extent that it helps you understand and improve your present situation. It is only important if it helps you answer: “Why does my spouse react the way s/he does?” “Why do I get so upset?” The first key to a happier marriage is to examine the influence childhood has on current behavior, so that you can use this knowledge to improve your marriage.

Key 2: Making the Most of the First Year of Marriage

The first year of marriage is one of life’s best-kept secrets. It is a beginning, a transition, a year that catapults us from the known, the familiar, the stability of being single, into the maelstrom of being half of a couple. Whether marriages are merely satisfactory, torn by conflict, characterized by misunderstanding, or truly happy, they all begin the same way and have one thing in common: that very special first year. It's never too late to begin to implement "Making the Most of Your First Year of Marriage."

Key 3: Mastering the Power of Words

It is likely that you have not fully recognized how much power you have to consciously determine the outcomes of your interactions with your spouse and the level of satisfaction you can derive from your relationship. Your choice of attitudes and words, your use of communication skills, can contribute greatly to the quality of your marriage.

Key Four: Appreciating Gender Differences

Pain, frustration, and misunderstanding is prevalent among couples who could have avoided or limited these feelings, had they only understood the basic differences between how men and women express themselves.

Key 5 – Coping with Conflict

Why do we argue and how do we argue? It is important for us to understand what brings us to argue the way we do and what we can do about it.

Key 6: Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

In marriage intelligence is not enough. Finely honed intelligence and wide-ranging intellect don’t guarantee peace in your home. On the contrary! Often, superior mental abilities can be a disadvantage and wreak havoc within the marriage relationship. Emotional intelligence can be inborn and intrinsic. However, most often it is acquired by being worked on, by being honed to greatness through determination and foresight. It is the essence of harmony in your marriage.

Key 7: In Search of Creative Solutions

How can you begin solving your problems differently? The first step is learning how to properly identify problems. Not all problems are ours to solve. Not all problems deserve equal attention. Some problems disappear on their own if a small, albeit important change is made. Learn to deal with various types of problems using different techniques that are easy to master.