Couples Counseling

  • Learn the skills every couple must have – You will have more peace in your home.
  • Become an effective communicator – Your partner will understand and really listen to you.
  • Learn how to negotiate and compromise – You will reach win-win resolutions every time.
  • Learn how to deepen your intimacy – You will connect more passionately.
  • Learn how to really understand your spouse – Have the relationship you always dreamed of having.
  • Learn the secret to a meaningful married life – You will become a better partner and have more joy.

I am a professional who cares about helping people – and I am here to help you. 

There is an art to having a successful marriage. Some are naturally better at it than others. That’s a fact. Whether you are naturally good at relating or not you can develop the required skills and improve them by learning more about what couple skills you need - and then learn how to incorporate them into the way you relate with your partner or spouse.

What also helps is having a clearer understanding of the essentials. By essentials, I mean many things. Like knowing not only the actual inherent differences between the sexes and how we relate differently, but why are they this way and how does this benefit us as a couple.

What happens when we ‘fall in love’ and why this isn’t enough to sustain a lasting relationship. What more do I need to know about myself and my partner in order to really come closer?!

Having high expectations of marriage has been statistically proven to make it more successful. But do you know what expectations are realistic and which aren’t?

Having this knowledge is having the key that will empower you! Knowing what makes a relationship work; having a better knowledge of yourself and your spouse and how to relate better to each other will deepen your connection and bring you a lot more joy!

The first step is to come to a private or public marriage workshop that will give you some of the essential foundations you will need.

Or if you feel you need more direct help - then contact me and see what you need. There is no charge for your initial session. You may only need one, a few sessions or more.

Life is a perfect complicated system where if you work at finding the solutions and implement them you will succeed – it’s that simple. Contact me!